Employment Opportunities

Community Service Worker 

1.0 FTE

POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for planning and organizing group activities and recreational programs to meet the social, educational, and physical needs of the Bayanihan Equity Center’s consumers – older adults and adults with disability.


  • Conducts intake, assessment and provides service arrangement directly to the consumer.

  • Develops a case plan to address consumer's issues and challenges.

  • Monitors and follows up the client's progress towards goals.

  • Interpret and translate for consumers with limited command of the English language. 

  • Plans and organizes year-round programs, virtual and hybrid events and activities around consumers’ interests.. 

  • Connect clients to resources and training that helps with technology access.

  • Plans special “theme” days or months around holidays, seasons, or recognized days such as Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Father’s and Mother’s Day, consumers’ birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

  • Coordinates educational workshops on topics that benefit older adults and adults with disabilities (e.g. MediCal/Medicare benefits, elder abuse, health and safety, VA benefits, etc.).

  • Conducts an assessment and summarizes information obtained from each consumer to determine which activities are of interest to the greatest number of participants.

  • Documents consumers’ participation through pictures and appropriate reporting.

  • Actively recruits and trains a group of volunteers to support staff in organizing consumers’ group activities.

  • Provides instructions and supplies for other employees, and/or volunteers to assist with group activities.

  • Requests donations and sponsorships for events from organizations and businesses.

  • Coordinates the development of a monthly newsletter for consumers, family members and selected referral sources, which includes posts of monthly activity schedules for easy reference by consumers.

  • Participate in training and workshops that are beneficial in executing job duties.

  • Submits regular progress report to the funding agency and the center Executive Director.

  • Performs other duties, as the need arises, in order to implement the program's work plan.​


  • Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences or relevant field or three years of experience working with older adults and/or adults with disabilities. A combination of education and experience ensures successful completion of essential job functions.

  • Bilingual speaker (Tagalog or Cantonese).

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

  • Actively participates in community meetings.

  • Ability to set and maintain multiple deadlines.

  • Collaborates with consumers, community organizations and associates to further program goals.

  • Organize, pays attention to details, meets deadlines and is capable of working under pressure.

  • Maintains accurate records and organized files.


  • Health Insurance

  • Dental Insurance

  • Paid time off

To apply for this position, email a cover letter,

resumé, and a writing sample to info@sfbec.org.

The Bayanihan Equity Center's (BEC) Community Services Program is seeking applicants to fill a Community Service Worker Position. This position is funded by the Human Services Agency’s Department of Disability and Aging Services (DAS) under the Community Services Program.