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RIP Kuya Rey

Rey - otherwise known as Mister Rey to our broader SoMa and SF community - was a part of the Bayanihan Equity Center (f.k.a. Veterans Equity Center) team from 2014 to 2018. Rey oversaw BEC’s food security program, coordinated volunteers and case managed older adults, whom he connected very well because of his experience working with immigrant youth and his personal background.

Rey saw a parallel in the stories of the people he assisted with - their need for support services, affordable housing, the importance of Tagalog language access and justice for the Filipino World War II Veterans. Rey did not merely question inequity, but also found ways to break the cycles and barriers to equality.

The Bayanihan Equity Center joins the family and friends of Rey in mourning his passing. The community activist, the artist will be forever etched into the fabric of the South of Market and the greater San Francisco community.


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