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Food Security

Food accessibility to stabilize the community.

Immigrant Food Assistance

1:00 pm -3:00 pm

Since 2005, the Bayanihan Equity Center has been a part of the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank's pantry network, hosting a weekly pantry that offers fresh produce, grains, and protein. Due to COVID-19, the groceries are pre-bagged. 

You can learn more about the neighborhood pantries here

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Supplemental Grocery Program

Every 1st & 3rd Thursday of the Month
3:00 - 4:30 pm

Demand for BEC's IFA services increased in 2020 during San Francisco's Shelter-In-Place mandate, when vulnerable populations in the City were strongly advised to stay home to avoid contracting the Coronavirus.

In addition BEC received referrals from other organizations in the South of Market and from the Excelsior, as food insecure food groups emerged as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic; these groups include families with children whose heads of households are either unemployed or underemployed, and those who were hesitant to leave their homes due to the fear of contracting the virus.

Additional demand came from the unhoused Filipino community in San Francisco. BEC expanded its IFA program to address the emerging needs of the food insecure community by establishing the Supplemental Grocery Program (SGP).

SGP is a bi-weekly food distribution, which participants can access a bag of culturally-appropriate non-perishable groceries either by picking up from BEC or delivered by interns and volunteers from partner organizations. 


Available for download:

SGP Outreach Flyer (ENGLISH)

SGP Outreach Flyer (TAGALOG)

SGP Community Partnership Flyer

SGP Eligibility Guidelines 2024

Calfresh Application Assistance

The BEC is a CalFresh assister partner of the SF-Marin Food Bank. The monthly benefits allotment ranges from $16-$204 for one per household.
Learn more about the CalFresh program here

Food Partners

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Support our mission

Your contribution improves the program and services provided to low-income, immigrant families, seniors, and adults living with a disability.

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