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December 2014: Volunteer Reflections

Irene Xing, University of San Francisco“After three times volunteer experience I feel some changes in my idea of helping people. Before I did volunteering I want to help others and do something useful but there is no chance for me to give help. In the beginning of volunteering I was nervous and afraid that I will do things wrong while giving some helps. Later, after I tried to help make some calls, enter data and set up for workshops I became more confidence during helping people and I think people will be helpful only if them believe they can help. I feel grateful to all those chances I had to give helps.

Janelle Dela Cruz, San Francisco State University

“When I first heard about the Veterans Equity Center, I always wondered how this center was making a difference in the community. When the opportunity arrived, I started volunteering at the center. I’ve volunteered at a lot of places throughout my life, and I wondered I’d get the same experience here as I did with my other volunteer experiences. I wasn’t nervous and was just waiting to see what this volunteer experience would have in store for me. After volunteering here a few times I have already learned so much. I was able to participate in events from the Veterans Day Parade 2014 to phone banking for outreach in the conference room. Being able to march with fellow volunteers and veterans to calling BISHoP clients for housing opportunities, I feel that I have learned a lot at the Veterans Equity Center. What the veterans need the most is awareness. The amount of Filipino WWII Veterans is decreasing every year, and I feel like their story needs to be known and acknowledged. Being respected and appreciated is one of the things I feel that is important for the veterans. Volunteering at the Veterans Equity Center has helped me become more involved in the community, and volunteering at annual events is something that I started this year and plan to join in the years to come.”


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